By Anna Lepeley, MS, CSCS, CISSN

A modern day Alpha Male exemplifies the esteemed qualities of the male species not only physically, with strength and power, but also with a mental capacity to make one a leader, protector and a hero.

What is unfortunate, however, is that a genuine True Alpha Male has been threatened by extinction and, therefore, is hard to come by nowadays. If you think hearing your mother tell you how handsome and royal you are on a daily basis cuts it, you’re wrong. If you have ILS (inflated lat syndrome) you’re probably not an alpha male either.

A true Alpha Male has a unique approach to training his mind and his body and is very good friends with virility. Luckily, the eminent authors, James Villepigue, CSCS and Rick Collins, JD, CSCS, have the exclusive blueprints to help you on your way to meet the ideal contemporary masculine excellence, the antithesis of metrosexuality.

To all you girly boys out there: quit getting pedicures and highlights while killing chivalry and get your hands on the Alpha Male Challenge to give your mindset and physique the manly make-over it needs!

Give your workouts an Alpha ‘kick in the ass’ with a sophisticated, yet easy to follow, periodized workout regimen that will have your testosterone (the manly hormone) boosting without having to spend endless hours in the gym. Collins and Villepigue are both Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association with years of experience with exercise physiology (as well as sports nutrition, psychology and being Alpha Males, of course).

Needless to say, you’ll get a better work-out from these two guys than from any of those fancy Hollywood personal trainers who are not only half-ass, but the male ones are quite the metrosexuals as well, not conducive to an Alpha Male environment. You’ll also learn how to complement your workouts with the right way of eating, highly effective at burning fat and building muscle.                                                                    

So take on the Alpha Male Challenge and you can look forward to optimizing your look and winning attitude, inevitably leading to overwhelming success in life. Your health and relationship status will thank you too, that is, if you’re willing give late night “Love Line” phone calls and throwing wads of cash at your favorite stripper’s derrière a [permanent] rest.

I highly suggest this book to all men wanting to excel their raw manliness to any degree in an innovative fashion (basically, without having to walk 500 miles shoeless through blinding snow, break glass bottles over your head or being able to dip tobacco while eating dinner and sleeping without spewing).

And ladies! If your boyfriend (or even your brother or dad) is a massive tool and you can smell his covert insecurities disguised with cockiness from a mile away, I highly propose this book as a great “non-holiday”, “no reason at all”, “subtle hint-hint” gift. I also particularly suggest this book to a large portion of the male population of Miami. I’m sick of holding doors open for guys whose mothers still wipe their….mouths.